001 Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill

Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill
Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill
Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill
Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill
Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill
Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill
Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill
Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill
Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill
Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill

001 Commercial 3 Sectional Fire Table Grill

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The Commercial Three-Sectional Fire Table Grill is a spectacular outdoor event centerpiece that will transform any event into a spectacular showcase. It is suitable for weddings and wineries and is designed for serious grilling enthusiasts who appreciate both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This remarkable grill will become the heart and soul of your gatherings.

Fireplace Opening: 110” x 36”
(Section One 40”, Section Two 30”, Section Three 40”)

Solid Fuel Grill: Charcoal and Wood Burning Grill

Overall Dimensions:

  • Width: 128”

  • Depth: 38”

  • Height: 119” 


  • Brick Lined: The interior is meticulously lined with bricks, ensuring excellent heat retention and distribution for superior cooking performance.

  • Decorative Rivets: Adding a touch of rustic elegance, the decorative rivets not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also reinforce the structural integrity of the grill.

Section One: 40”

  • Argentine Grill: This section is equipped with an Architectural Grill, an Argentine V-grate, and a drip pan, perfect for grilling meats to perfection. Optional: Choose a round or square rod grate to suit your grilling style.

  • Front Facing Wheel: Adjust the grill height effortlessly with the convenient front-facing wheel, allowing precise temperature control.

  • Rear Brasero: The rear brasero ensures a steady supply of embers, maintaining consistent heat for continuous grilling.

Section Two: 30” Switch between different cooking methods.

  • Removable Center Grill Insert: This section features versatility at its finest: a removable Argentine Grill. There is no need for a Brasero because a Drop-down Firebox with a Vented Door is below it.

  • Removable Smoker Oven: Turn your grill into a smoker with the removable smoker oven, perfect for slow-cooking and infusing rich, smoky flavors.

    • One Smoke Stack: Ensures proper ventilation and smoke control for optimal cooking conditions.

    • Eight-Height Rack System: The eight-height rack system allows you to customize your cooking setup and is flexible enough to accommodate various types of food. 

    • Includes Three Plasma Cut Grates: High-quality, durable grates designed for even cooking and easy cleaning.

    • Right to Left Opening Door: Convenient access to the grill with a door that opens smoothly from right to left.

  • Drop-Down Firebox with Vented Door: The firebox features a vented door that opens right to left, allowing easy refueling and temperature control.

Section Three: 40”

  • Argentine Grill: Mirroring Section One, this section includes an Argentine V-Grate with a drip pan and options for round rods or square rod grates.

  • Front Facing Wheel: Easily adjust the grill height to achieve the perfect cooking temperature.

  • Rear Brasero: Keeps a steady flow of embers to ensure consistent grilling heat.


  • Three Smoke Stacks: These smoke stacks ensure efficient smoke dispersion and ventilation, enhancing the cooking process and flavor development.


  • 36” to the Floor of the Fireplace: Ideal height for comfortable use and accessibility.

  • Flattened Expanded Metal for Wood Storage: This is a practical and spacious storage area for wood, keeping your fuel organized and within reach.

The Three Sectional Hearth Grill is not just a grill; it's a comprehensive outdoor cooking station designed to cater to all your grilling needs. Whether you're searing steaks, smoking ribs, or grilling vegetables, this versatile and stylish grill delivers unmatched performance and durability. Elevate your culinary skills and impress your guests with this remarkable grilling masterpiece.

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