4649 COMMERCIAL Fire Table Grill with Rotisserie

4649 COMMERCIAL Fire Table Grill with Rotisserie - Heritage Backyard
4649 COMMERCIAL Fire Table Grill with Rotisserie - Heritage Backyard
4649 COMMERCIAL Fire Table Grill with Rotisserie - Heritage Backyard
4649 COMMERCIAL Fire Table Grill with Rotisserie - Heritage Backyard

4649 COMMERCIAL Fire Table Grill with Rotisserie

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With the extraordinary Wood-Fired Commercial Fire Table Grill #4649, heighten your grilling game.

  • Two Architectural Grills
    • Adjustable Height Grate
    • Choose the type of Grates you want, Square Rod Grates, Round Rod Grates,
    • Front Facing Wheel
  • Three Braseros
    • Heavy Duty
    • Bear Logo
  • Warming Rack
    • Includes three Lids with Vents
    • Runs the entire length of the fire table
  • Below the Firetable
    • Two Multi Height Racks that hold up to five hotel sheets/pans
    • Center Shelf
  • Front Shelf with six cutouts
  • Decorative Bullets
  • NSF Certified
  • Commercial Grill
  • Fully assembled
  • 3/8" steel
  • Firebricks are included (Yes, we ship the grills with the bricks installed.)

Crafted to redefine your grilling experience, this robust and durable grill boasts a construction of heavy-duty 3/8" steel, ensuring longevity and exceptional performance.

Equipped with dual Argentine Architectural Grills, each featuring adjustable height square rod grates, you're empowered with unparalleled cooking versatility. The inclusion of a Rotisserie with Rear Brasero opens up a realm of culinary possibilities, allowing you to achieve perfectly roasted dishes with a distinctive flavor profile.

Arriving fully assembled, this grill is a testament to convenience and user-friendliness. The forward-facing wheels allow you to adjust the grill grate to achieve the ideal cooking temperature. Additionally, three rear Braseros, bearing the iconic Bear logo, are strategically positioned to transform firewood into glowing embers, which can be skillfully placed beneath the grate for that authentic wood-fired taste.

An array of features enriches this grilling masterpiece. Three warming racks with vented lids ensure your creations stay perfectly heated until they're ready to be savored. A front shelf provides ample space and incorporates a unique multi-level rack system beneath the fire table, accommodating multiple hotel pans for efficient storage.

The Front Shelf boasts six thoughtfully designed cutouts, perfectly suited for commercial steam table pans, enhancing your cooking process with streamlined organization. Complementing the grill's exceptional design, Decorative Bullets add a touch of sophistication, turning your grilling area into an aesthetically pleasing culinary haven.

Certified by NSF, a hallmark of quality and safety, this grill assures you of its professional-grade standards. Firebricks are installed for your convenience, enabling you to indulge in wood-fired cooking immediately upon delivery.

Embrace the art of wood-fired grilling and revolutionize your culinary exploits with the Wood-Fired Commercial Fire Table Grill #4649. Your next unforgettable grilling adventure awaits.

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