Aspen Dome

Aspen Dome - Heritage Backyard
Aspen Dome - Heritage Backyard
Aspen Dome - Heritage Backyard
Aspen Dome - Heritage Backyard
Aspen Dome - Heritage Backyard

Aspen Dome

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Redefining Exhibition BBQ Events with our 72" Round Aspen Dome: 

  • Dimensions: 72" Round
  • Ten brackets designed to hold 1/2" rebar, ensuring stability
  • Six braced support legs for enhanced structural strength
  • Standard height measures 24" (The Pictures show the Specially ordered version for Francis Mallman that stands 38" tall.)
  • Customization option: Ten brackets accommodate 1/2" rebar supplied by customers (rebar not included)
  • Personalization opportunities for integrating artistic elements or thematic considerations
  • Represents a harmonious blend of artistry, functionality, and collaborative craftsmanship

This stunning 72" Round Dome was the captivating centerpiece at an exclusive event curated by the renowned culinary artist Francis Mallman in the picturesque setting of Aspen, CO. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail. This architectural marvel was specially ordered, standing about 38" tall. The standard is 24" tall. The Aspen Dome commands attention with its impressive dimensions.

Designed with both elegance and functionality, the Dome features ten sturdy brackets meticulously crafted to hold 1/2" rebar securely, allowing for the structure's stability and visual allure. The artistic finesse of this piece is accentuated by the six support legs that provide stability and contribute to its striking silhouette.

It's important to note that the Dome's design ingeniously accommodates customer-supplied rebar, showcasing the collaborative nature of its assembly. This collaboration allows for a personalized touch, enabling the integration of varying artistic elements or thematic considerations to complement the overall ambiance of any event.

Whether gracing the landscape of a sophisticated soirée or standing as a testament to architectural ingenuity, this 72" Round Dome, used by the visionary Francis Mallman, embodies a fusion of artistry, functionality, and the spirit of collaborative craftsmanship.

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