Goldilocks a Tuscan Italian Grill

Goldilocks a Tuscan Italian Grill - Heritage Backyard Inc.
Goldilocks a Tuscan Italian Grill - Heritage Backyard Inc.
Goldilocks a Tuscan Italian Grill - Heritage Backyard Inc.
Goldilocks a Tuscan Italian Grill - Heritage Backyard Inc.

Goldilocks a Tuscan Italian Grill

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The Goldilocks Grill 

Introducing "The Goldilocks," a Tuscan Style Grill designed to capture the essence of culinary excellence reminiscent of the famed Florentine steaks from Italy's heartland.

Drawing inspiration from our travels to Italy, particularly the prized meat culture of Florence, this wood-burning grill is crafted to cook the iconic 2 Kilo Florentine Steak flawlessly. Our Tuscan Artisan Grill recreates the authentic experience right in your backyard by mimicking the traditional method of grilling over wood-fired flames.

The secret to mastering the art of grilling a delectable Florentine T-Bone Steak lies in our grill's unique design. Begin by generating wood embers using the rear ember maker, an essential step to infuse that distinct smoky flavor. Once the embers are ready, effortlessly slide them beneath the Grill Grate. Then, just before placing the meat on our grill, a sprinkle of salt enhances the flavors of the steak. Grill the meat to your preferred doneness, following the suggested guide of Rare > Medium Rare > Ruined, and after grilling, allow it to rest before serving, accompanied by your favorite Olive Oil.

With dimensions measuring 23" x 32", The Goldilocks boasts a steel plate rear ember maker, facilitating the creation of optimal grilling embers. Its versatile 3-position grate and compatibility with both charcoal and wood make it an ideal choice for various culinary experiments.

Inspired by the culinary traditions of Italian regions like Tuscany and Umbria, our grill stands as a testament to craftsmanship and authenticity. Its convenient legs with 4 casters ensure mobility and ease of use.

Please note that the Goldilocks is shipped without Fire Bricks.

Crafted with pride in the USA, we deeply value your support. Thank you for choosing our Tuscan Style Grill to elevate your grilling adventures. 

  •  Dimensions: 23" X 32" 
  •  Features a rear ember maker. 
  •  3 position grate
  • Round Rod Grate
  •  Charcoal or Wood Burning Grill
  •  Inspiration from Italian Regions Tuscany and Umbria
  •  Legs with 4 casters 
  •  Shipped without Fire Bricks.
  •  Made in the USA
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