Custom BBQ Grills is our Specialty

Heritage Backyard recognizes your desire for a personalized outdoor kitchen experience. We craft custom-made grills that seamlessly integrate into your Masonry Outdoor Kitchen.

Are you curious about the sizes of our Argentine Grills? Alongside our three iconic models—the 36" Baby Bear, the 48" Mama Bear, and the 60" Papa Bear—we offer an array of other standard sizes and styles of BBQ Grills. Our commitment lies in matching each customer with the perfect wood-fired grill that suits their needs.

For example, the Gaucho Grill, known as the Mama Bear, represents our intermediate-sized wood-fired grill. Positioned at the heart of this grill is a brasero, a traditional feature used to generate embers—an integral part of cooking in the pampas region of South America. These embers work their magic, facilitating a low and slow grilling effect, allowing you to unwind with a glass of Malbec or your preferred beverage while your meat sizzles to perfection. It's a celebration of the art of grilling, embracing the essence of slow-cooked flavors in every bite.

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