Fire Table Architectural Grills

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    The portable BBQ grill kit for a Firetable transforms your outdoor living space and allows you to create an exceptional dining experience. A fire table can be equipped with a cooking surface so you can utilize the beauty and warmth of a fire pit while grilling your favorite foods. Portable and easy to remove, these kits are also convenient to store. The grill kits are made from stainless steel or A36 steel, durable materials that withstand high temperatures. Depending on the fire table grill you choose, the grill has an adjustable height grate or an adjustable grill angle, allowing you to cook your food precisely. 

    Whether hosting a backyard BBQ, a party, or simply enjoying time with your family, Grill Kits for a Firetable are the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment space. Shop now to experience the ultimate outdoor cooking experience with our high-quality Grill Kits for a Firetable.   

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