Argentine Architectural Grills

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    • Argentine BBQ Grill Kits are easy to assemble.
    • For an Outdoor Kitchen Masonry Firebox 
    • Architectural Steel Frames that include the steel frame and side wheel, some grill kits come with a flange that rests on your outdoor kitchen countertop and other grill kits have feet that bolt to your Masonry firebox.  
    • Woodburning Grill or Charcoal Burning Grill
    • Argentine V-Grate comes standard. (Round Rod Grate or Expanded Metal Grate is available upon request.)
    • Brasero (Options) Side Brasero, Rear Brasero, or No Brasero. (A Brasero is used to burn firewood to embers that are pushed under the grilling surface)
    • Available in Black Steel with a Stainless Grilling Surface or All Stainless Steel
    • Round Side Wheel for Grate Height Adjustments (The Grate can be lowered deep into the firebox or raised way above it.
    • Split Grill with separate Grates and Wheel (Option)
    • CERAMIC COATED, formulated to withstand temperatures up to 1,800° Fahrenheit, deep black sleek satin finish, corrosion resistant.
    • Made in USA 
    • Free shipping is available for Continental US, and note that additional shipping charges may apply for NYC deliveries.

    Argentine BBQ Grill Kits are easy to assemble and perfect for an outdoor kitchen masonry firebox. These architectural steel frames come with a flange or feet for easy installation. It is both a wood-burning and charcoal-burning grill. The Argentine V-Grate is included, with options for round rods or expanded metal grates. Customize your grill with side braseros, rear braseros, or no brasero. Available in black steel with a stainless grilling surface or all stainless steel. The round side wheel allows for easy grate height adjustments. Additional options include a split grill with separate grates. and finally, it has a ceramic-coated finish. Made in the USA. Free shipping available for Continental US, additional charges may apply for NYC deliveries.

    18 products
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