About Us

Welcome to Heritage Backyard - Crafting Tradition, One Grill at a Time

At Heritage Backyard, we take immense pride in creating handcrafted, American-made barbecue grills of exceptional quality. Our grills come in two distinct materials: sturdy black steel and timeless stainless steel. We offer a wide range of grill types to cater to your unique grilling needs, ensuring that you can embark on your culinary adventures with precision and style.

Discover the Art of Grilling with Heritage Backyard:

Argentine Grills: Experience the authentic flavors of Argentine grilling right in your own backyard. Our Argentine grills are built to perfection, allowing you to achieve that signature smoky taste with every meal.

Asado Grills: Elevate your grilling experience with our Asado grills. Designed for connoisseurs of open-fire cooking, these grills are perfect for creating mouthwatering, smoky dishes.

Charcoal Grills: Unleash the rich, deep flavors of charcoal grilling with our custom charcoal grills. Perfect for those who appreciate the art of slow cooking.

Churrasco Grills: Delight in the distinctive flavors of Brazilian churrasco with our specially crafted Churrasco grills, designed for authenticity and taste.

Parillas: Our Parillas bring the spirit of South American grilling to your home. Enjoy the tantalizing tastes of Argentine cuisine.

Patagonian Cross Grills: Explore the delicious world of Patagonian barbecue with our versatile cross grills. They offer a unique and authentic grilling experience.

Pit Grills: Experience traditional pit-style grilling with our pit grills, bringing you the joy of open-fire cooking and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Pizza Ovens: Take your culinary creations to the next level with our pizza ovens. Craft delicious, wood-fired pizzas and more in your own backyard.

Santa Maria Grills: Our Santa Maria grills are perfect for those who appreciate the art of wood and charcoal grilling, delivering exquisite results every time.

Uruguayan Grills: Discover the secrets of Uruguayan grilling with our custom grills. Elevate your outdoor cooking game with this unique grilling experience.

Wood Fired BBQ Grills: For those who appreciate the distinctive flavor of wood-fired cooking, our wood-fired BBQ grills are a must-have.

Wood Fired Smokers: Craft the finest smoked meats and dishes with our wood-fired smokers, adding that extra layer of flavor to your creations.

Heritage Backyard Inc. is a family-operated business driven by our passion for crafting exceptional wood-burning and charcoal grills. Our mission is to provide you, our valued customers, with the tools to create extraordinary flavors and experiences in the comfort of your own home. Our story began with our deep love for authentic, slow-cooked BBQ and the desire to bring that love into every home. With years of experience in our corner, we are committed to delivering the quality you seek, where the best food is the product of dedication and time.

Additionally, we are the proud operators of NorCal Ovenworks Inc., our family-run business dedicated to serving our commercial and custom residential customers. This venture allows us to custom design NSF-certified commercial grills for restaurants and manufacture tailor-made residential grills. We cherish the opportunity to bring the art of grilling to your home and extend our offerings to the professional culinary world.

At Heritage Backyard, we believe that cooking isn't just about preparing a meal – it's a time-honored tradition, a labor of love, and a way to bring people together. Join us on this journey, and let's craft tradition, one grill at a time.