Happy Fathers Day

Let's Celebrate Fathers Day Right!

How to Throw the Best Father's Day BBQ

It's almost here, the time for celebrating FATHERHOOD, whether it be your dad, brother, uncle, grandpa, or just a family friend. I think most dads are simple in the sense that they enjoy drinks and wholesome food. That's why Father's Day is all about having the world's best barbecue.

I always have the hardest time figuring out what to get my dad for Father's Day, because he says he has everything he needs, which is why a small gathering is the best for him. My dad loves it when we get together on the weekend for a nice BBQ.

How do you throw a BBQ Party?

Make sure your cooler is packed with drinks. Add your drinks first, ice second to keep your drinks extra cold. Beer is typically a go-to choice for BBQ gatherings, but wine and mixed drinks would be great as well.

Guests will enjoy playing games at BBQ gatherings. My family always enjoys playing games together. There are several options for entertainment like Jenga®, Scrabble®, and various card games that will make this Father’s Day special.

Set the scene, create a theme for the BBQ gathering. Whether you’re planning a formal or laidback gathering a theme makes everything look nice and put together.

Make sure to have a playlist for your special day. I know our family will be using Alexa, on our echo device, to play some happy summer music.

What do I serve for Father’s Day?

There are several options. Plan according to your guest list. I usually expect 6-8 people to attend my BBQ gatherings. That means I would prepare 2-3 types of meat, 2-3 side dishes, 1-2 drinks, and 1-2 desserts. Remember to keep your dad’s favorites in mind. Mine loves grilled steak and chicken.

Father’s Day is about showing your appreciation for your dad. As an icebreaker, have everyone write down their favorite memories of Dad and have him read all of them around the table. This will help Dad feel special on his day. 

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