Residential BBQ Grills

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    Residential Argentine Grills:

    Architectural Design: Argentine grills, also known as parrilla, typically boast a sturdy and traditional design. They consist of a steel frame, a brasero (a compartment for burning firewood to hot coals), and a sloped V-shaped grate with a drip pan that can be raised or lowered over the coals. These grills commonly utilize stainless steel for the grates.

    Built-In Features: Often incorporated into outdoor kitchen setups or custom-designed spaces, Argentine grills may include side tables, storage cabinets, and chimneys for smoke ventilation as additional features.

    Portability: While some Argentine grills are built into permanent structures, portable versions are available, equipped with legs and casters for easier movement.

    Residential Charcoal Grills:

    Architectural Design: Charcoal grills exhibit diverse designs, ranging from classic to modern styles, typically crafted from materials like A36 steel or stainless steel.

    Built-In Features: These grills can either stand alone or become part of outdoor kitchen setups, offering features such as ash catchers, adjustable vents for temperature control, warming racks, and extra charcoal storage or workspace.

    Portability: Generally portable, charcoal grills may feature removable legs, making them convenient for transportation to events like catering, picnics, or camping trips.

    Residential Santa Maria Grills:

    Architectural Design: Santa Maria grills feature a steel frame with an adjustable height round rod grate, controlled by a side wheel. They often embody a simple yet sturdy design, usually made of steel or stainless steel.

    Built-In Features: These grills are commonly integrated into custom outdoor kitchen spaces and might include upgrades like ash drawers, warming racks, vented doors, and occasional smokestacks for ventilation.

    Portability: While typically less portable due to their built-in nature, some standalone Santa Maria grill models come with legs equipped with casters for easier movement.

    Rresidential Uruguayan Grills:

    Architectural Design: Uruguayan grills, known as parrilla or asado, are identifiable by their sloped grilling surface and a side brasero. They're commonly constructed using steel or stainless steel.

    Built-In Features: These grills are often integrated into outdoor settings or custom-built outdoor kitchens. 

    Portability: Uruguayan grills may be designed with legs and casters for increased mobility.

    Each grill type embodies unique cultural influences, cooking techniques, and design aspects. They cater to different preferences in architectural integration, built-in features, and portability, offering varied options for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

    85 products
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