Hybrid Santa Maria Built-In Grills With Firebox | All In One Gas, Wood, Charcoal

The Hybrid Wood-Charcoal-Gas Santa Maria Counter Drop-In BBQ Grills with a Firebox are exceptional grilling options and are a perfect addition to any Masonry Outdoor Kitchen  These grills are designed specifically for drop-in use and come complete with all the necessary components to create a complete grilling system.

Multi Functional:

With the flexibility to use wood, charcoal, and gas with ease, these grills provide the best of all worlds. The adjustable grill grate allows for precise grilling of various meats and vegetables, while the firebox provides consistent heat for perfect cooking every time.

Material and Features:

Available in both black steel and all stainless steel, these grills provide both style and durability. The top flange is 1 1/2" and rests on your outdoor counter top. The grill comes with an ash drawer, gas burners, and a side wheel that allows you to raise and lower the grill grate.


Order now and take your outdoor cooking to the next level with these exceptional grilling options. Note that *Free Shipping is available for the Continental US, *Additional shipping charges may be added for NYC. Additionally, a Rotisserie can be purchased separately to go on this grill.


Proudly Made in the USA: Embracing American Craftsmanship and Quality

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