The Chameleon | 36" Hybrid Grill | Wood-Charcoal-Gas All In One Grill

Introducing The Chameleon, the high-quality grill designed for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. This 36" hybrid grill is an all-in-one counter drop-in grill with wood-charcoal-gas capabilities, perfect for those who want to enjoy a variety of cooking options while grilling outdoors. The Chameleon is made in the USA with massive 3/16" ASTM A36 steel construction, giving it an edge over other American steel grills with its durability and longevity. 

With a stainless steel cooking surface, the Chameleon features three cast stainless steel gas burners, sliding wood/charcoal drawer, sliding ash/drip drawer, adjustable Argentine grate with drip pan comes standard but can be replaced with a round rod grate or expanded metal grate, a bear flag lid with two 5" chimneys for smoke control. This unique combination of features gives you the convenience of gas grilling and the flavor of wood or charcoal, offering the best of both worlds.

The Chameleon Hybrid Grill also features our exclusive 6-sided trim, adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor cooking area. The grill is adjustable with a wheel to raise and lower the grill grate, making it easy for you to control your cooking.

Measuring 39X24X34 in overall dimensions with a firebox dimensions of 36X24X16, it fits a countertop cutout of 36.75X24X16.5. The Chameleon also comes with a corrosion inhibiting paint, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

If you're looking to expand the capabilities of your Chameleon, Heritage Backyard also offers additional options such as a Rotisserie and Cart at an additional cost.

Order The Chameleon | 36" Hybrid Grill | Wood-Charcoal-Gas all In One Counter Drop In Grill from Heritage Backyard today and experience the best in outdoor cooking! Please note that *Free Shipping is available for the Continental US, and *Additional shipping charge may be added for NYC. Your business is appreciated. 

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