Architectural Grills For A Masonry Firebox

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    Welcome to Heritage Backyard – the ultimate place for unique Masonry Architectural BBQ Grills! We've got a bunch of cool styles like Santa Maria, Argentine, Uruguayan, Charcoal, and wood-burning grills. Our grills are made from heavy-duty stainless or black steel with grilling surfaces that are either black steel or all stainless steel Masonry Grill Kits.

    Guess what? Our BBQ Grill Kits don't come with a firebox, but don't worry, you can easily pop them into your outdoor kitchen's masonry firebox. The Argentine and Santa Maria Grill Kits even come with a wheel that lets you move the grilling surface up and down. But wait, there's more! Our Uruguayan Grill Kit enables you to change the angle of the grill so one part can be higher than the other.

    And that's not all! We've got these super cool Round Grill Pit Grill Kits named Sir Lancelot & Sir Gawain, and everyone loves them!

    All the BBQ Grills we make are custom-made in the USA, and they'll level up your outdoor kitchen. Seriously, they look amazing and work even better. So, if you want top-notch style and performance for your outdoor cooking, pick Heritage Backyard!

    Get ready to cook up a storm,

    22 products
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