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    Transform your outdoor masonry kitchen with our Santa Maria BBQ Grill kits. Crafted for authenticity, these kits provide the authentic Santa Maria grilling experience. Elevate your cooking game with adjustable grates, robust steel construction, and effortless assembly. Experience the tradition of Central Coast California grilling in your own backyard.

    • Santa Maria BBQ Grill Kits are easy to assemble.

    • Architectural Steel Frames 

    • For an Outdoor Kitchen Masonry Firebox 

    • Solid Fuel Grill: Wood or Charcoal Burning Grill

    • Round Rod Grate (Argentine V-Grate or Expanded Metal Grate is available)

    • Available in Black Steel with a Stainless Grilling Surface or All Stainless Steel

    • Round Side Wheel for Grate Height Adjustments (Grate can be lowered deep into the firebox as well as raised way above.

    • Split Grill with separate Grates and Wheel (Option)

    • Black Steel is coated in Rust Resistant Ceramic paint, giving it a sleek, deep black finish. The coating can handle temperatures up to 1,800°F and provides excellent thermal protection. It's also super resistant to rust, even in salty environments, sticking well in hot and cold conditions.

    • Made in USA 

    • Free shipping is available for Continental US, and note that additional shipping charges may apply for NYC deliveries.

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    8 products
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