Commercial Fire Table Grills

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    Welcome to our website, your ultimate destination for COMMERCIAL Fire Table Grills. We take pride in presenting our exceptional line of grills designed specifically for commercial use.

    Constructed with a heavy steel frame, our grills are built to withstand the demands of a bustling restaurant kitchen. The brick-lined design ensures excellent heat retention, allowing for even and consistent cooking results every time.

    To save you time and effort, our grills come fully assembled, ready to be put to work in your restaurant. We understand the importance of convenience and efficiency in a fast-paced environment.

    When it comes to fuel, you have the option to choose between wood or charcoal, bringing out the natural flavors and aromas that make grilling so irresistible.

    Our grills proudly feature a bear logo, adding a touch of character and uniqueness to your outdoor cooking area.

    Customization is key, and we offer a wide range of options to suit your specific needs. You can select from round rod grates, expanded metal grates, Argentine V-grates with a drip pan, or even a griddle for versatile cooking options.

    For those looking to elevate their grilling experience, our grills also offer multi-height grates, a hanging rack for meat and fruit, heavy-duty braseros, front-facing wheels for easy maneuverability, ovens, smoker boxes, warming racks, ash drawers, heavy-duty robata racks, and storage racks for full-size sheet pans.

    If aesthetics matter to you, our grills can also be adorned with decorative bullets, adding a touch of elegance. 

    For ease of mobility, our grills can come with legs equipped with casters, allowing you to effortlessly move your grill as needed.

    Whether you're a seasoned chef or a restaurant owner looking to impress your customers, our COMMERCIAL Fire Table Grills are the perfect choice for taking your culinary skills to the next level. Explore our website and discover the perfect grill for your restaurant today.

    15 products
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