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    Discover our Range of Unique Specialty Grills for Commercial Settings

    At Heritage Backyard, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of COMMERCIAL specialty grills that cater to your culinary ambitions. Explore the possibilities with our exceptional offerings:

    1. COMMERCIAL Argentine Grill With Trompo Grill: Elevate your grilling experience with a combination of Trompo Grill and adjustable height Argentine V-Grate with Drip Pan. Front-facing wheels ensure effortless adjustments, while a warming rack adds functionality.

    2. COMMERCIAL Fireplace Grill: Unleash your creativity with a grill that features a lid, smoke stack, and the convenience of side or front-facing wheel for adjusting the grate height. Optional doors enhance the aesthetics and functionality.

    3. Tiered BBQ Rack: Our innovative tiered BBQ rack features tiered shelves and removable grill grates, offering versatility and efficient use of space.

    4. Exhibition Firetable System: Experience outdoor cooking like never before with our Exhibition Firetable System. Choose from various options, including the Portable Fire Table, Sword Package with a Sword Rod Stand, 4 Swords, and a 54"x 12" Hanging Grill. Explore the Meat Hanging Package that Includes High Hanging Stand with 2 long cross rods and 4 short cross rods and 16 Meat hooks, 54” Firetable Asado Grill, 54” Uruguayan Grill Kit, Asado Cross with Adjustable Base, and Meat Hooks for a comprehensive grilling solution.

    Each of our offerings is designed to elevate your grilling game and redefine your culinary capabilities. Embrace the exceptional options available at Heritage Backyard and create memorable dining experiences."

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