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    Discover Great BBQ Tools at Heritage Backyard! We have tools to make your BBQ experience memorable. Like Extra-long BBQ tongs to reach the farthest corners of your grill. Keep your Argentine grill clean with our specially designed V-Grate Cleaner. T Rake, L Rake, Ash Shovel, and Poker help you manage hot embers and maintain the right grilling temperature. And don't miss our French Fat Baster called a Flambadou, which is used to drip butter or fat over your food for tasty BBQ meat or vegetables.

    At Heritage Backyard, we're proud of our high-quality tools. They'll exceed what you expect. The tools we offer are heavy-duty and extra long at 40 inches. Count on us for all your BBQ tool needs and make your BBQ perfect.

    Check out our BBQ Tools: 

    • Commercial Extra Long BBQ Tongs: For grilling meat. 
    • Our shop makes the following Grilling Tools and are heavy-duty steel tools with a 40” length.  
      • Shovel | BBQ Ash Tool: To move embers and clean ash.  
      • V-Grate Cleaner: Keeps Argentine grill grates clean. 
      • Poker | BBQ Ash Tool: Handles hot embers. 
      • T Rake | BBQ Tool: Rakes hot embers under the grill. 
      • L Rake | BBQ Tool: Rakes embers under the grilling surface. 
      • French Fat Baster | Flambadou: Adds flavor to BBQ Meat.
    13 products
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