Commercial BBQ Trailers

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    Santa Maria Style BBQ Pit Trailers!

    Create your Trailer how you want it to look!

    •  6-14" length (Customize your size)

    • Single or Dual grills (You decide what you want on your trailer)

    • Single or Dual turning wheels (Decide on single or split BBQ Grills) 

    • Stainless rod grill grate or Expanded metal grill (You decide what type of grilling surface you would like)

    • Personalized name on top (Option)

    • Painted Hi-temp black paint

    • Fireboxes that are 44" wide by 60, 72, 84, or 96" long, 12" or 14" deep, and are 3/16"-3/8" thick

    • Axles are selected to support at least twice the weight of the firebox

     Contact us for pricing! 

    If you live around the Austin, TX, area, you can rent one of these. Go to

    1 product
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