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Commercial Grills

NSF Certified Charcoal and Wood Fire BBQ Grills. Architectural, Argentine, Charcoal, Charbroilers, Firetable, Food Trailers, Pinch System, Santa Maria, and other Specialty Grills. Contact us for Pricing.

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Residential BBQ Grills - Argentine Architectural Grill with Side Brasero - Heritage Backyard

Residential Grills

Custom Handcrafted Residential Charcoal and Wood Fired BBQ Grills. We specialize in Argentine, Santa Maria and Uruguayan Grills.

Asado Equipment - Churrasco Swords

Asado Equipment

Traditional wood fire cooking equipment, evoking the essence of Argentine culinary heritage.

Welcome to Heritage Backyard in Texas—your ultimate destination for premium, heavy-duty BBQ grills, catering to homes and businesses. Once your order is in, our skilled team springs into action, crafting your grill with unparalleled attention to detail and unmatched quality. Elevate your grilling prowess with our range of USA-crafted Residential, Custom, and Commercial BBQ Grills. Begin your extraordinary culinary adventure today—order to relish the experience!