The Flambadou - Best Gift

The Flambadou is the Best Gift for Chefs and Home BBQ Fanatics


You can try several different techniques and cooking styles when cooking outdoors. Here at Heritage Backyard Inc., we offer a variety of fire tools that enhance your grilling experience.

The Flambadou, also known as a French Fat Baster, is a unique traditional fire tool that adds flavorful fat to any dish. It consists of a metal cone with two openings attached to a metal rod.

Place the cone into embers until it is red hot, drop a strip of salt pork or other fat into the large side of the cone, and drizzle the melted, sometimes flaming fat over the food you want to flavor.

Several Celebrity Chefs have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of using the Flambadou. The Flambadou is the best kitchen tool to have in your arsenal and is an excellent gift for Chefs at restaurants as well as Everyday Home Chefs who long for that delicious taste of both traditional French cooking and to experiment with the potential dazzling array of flavors, this tool creates. The Flambadou is an essential grilling tool, perfect for dripping flavorful fat onto your dishes. Your guests will be impressed by Flambadou’s flaming effect and enjoy the fabulous taste that comes from basting your meat.

The Flambadou is a perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family who enjoy cooking.

There are many delicious recipes BBQ Chefs can try using the Flambadou.

Flambadous are great for BBQ Oysters.

If you enjoy challenging yourself with different cooking techniques, the Flambadou is a great tool to start with. It is easy to use and makes food delicious. Basting your meat with butter or fat creates flavorful meat with crispy/seared skin. You can also use it over things like BBQ vegetables.

At Heritage Backyard Inc., we manufacture our Flambadous here in Texas from quality Steel material.

The Flambadou is durable and can be used for various dishes.

How to clean our Flambadou. After every use, wash it with soapy water and apply a light coat of vegetable oil to keep it in good condition.

By Kalanit Knackstedt

Flambadou used on Grilled Steak

Flambadou used on Grilled Steak

French Fat Baster for Grilled Meat


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